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The Motor Yacht ASTERIA is sailing to Svalbard and Norway. It’s a delightful journey that blends luxurious comfort with unparalleled Arctic adventure. So, imagine yourself cruising amidst Norwegian fjords and the awe-inspiring landscapes of Svalbard. Then, explore charming coastal villages, witness glaciers calving into icy waters, and keep your eyes peeled for glorious wildlife.

Unwind in Unmatched Luxury: The Yacht ASTERIA

The 162-foot (49.5-meter) award-winning explorer vessel, the ASTERIA yacht gives the perfect setting for your Arctic adventure. It offers an intimate experience, holding 12 guests in spacious comfort.

  • Spacious Lodgings: Choose from lavish twin cabins, double cabins, or the master suite. Also, each stateroom offers ample space for relief. They feature plush furnishings, ample storage space, and an ensuite bathroom. Indeed, it’s your private retreat after a day of adventure.
  • The Ultimate Retreat: The master suite on the ASTERIA yacht is a masterpiece of design. So, unwind in a king-sized bed and enjoy endless ocean views from your private balcony. Moreover, the spa-like bathroom ensures ultimate pampering throughout your voyage.

Also, the ASTERIA yacht goes beyond spacious rooms. So, indulge in scenic views from the upper salon, featuring cozy seating for unwinding and admiring the passing vistas.

Prefer to soak up the fresh Arctic air? The luxurious aft deck offers ample space for relief. So, unwind in the warm Jacuzzi on the sundeck and take in the thrilling Arctic vistas.

Activities and Amenities on the ASTERIA Yacht

The ASTERIA yacht caters to more than just leisure. It also offers a thrilling array of activities to enhance your Arctic experience:

  • Explore the Arctic: Take advantage of the yacht’s collection of jet skis, kayaks, paddleboards, and snorkel gear. So, explore the pristine waters and coastlines of Norway and Svalbard.
  • Dive Deeper: For the bold, dive gear is also on hand. These let you discover the wonders beneath the Arctic’s icy surface.

Arctic Exploration: Norway and Svalbard

Here’s a glimpse of some places you might encounter on your ASTERIA Yacht Arctic Expedition:

  • Norway:
    • Geirangerfjord: Cruise through this UNESCO World Heritage Site, known for its striking cliffs and waterfalls. Enjoy a guided hike or kayak through the pristine terrain.
    • Ålesund: Explore this charming Art nouveau town, known for its architecture and vibrant harbor scene.
    • Lofoten Islands: Hike amidst mountain peaks, visit fishing villages, and kayak through clear waters.
  • Svalbard:
    • Longyearbyen: Discover the world’s northernmost town, filled with awe-inspiring museums and historical sites that honor Svalbard’s unique history.
    • Magdalenefjorden: Embark on a zodiac cruise through this scenic fjord. Also, keep an eye out for walruses and arctic birds soaring overhead.
    • Trygghamnen: Witness the awesome sight of glaciers calving into the icy waters. Then, join in a safe and educational polar bear spotting expedition.

Explore the landscapes of Norway and Svalbard in plush comfort, finding fascinating scenery, charming towns, and diverse wildlife. Sail on a special ASTERIA Yacht Arctic Expedition. Contact ILX Travel today to craft your tailored trip for this exclusive yacht charter aboard the ASTERIA yacht.

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