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Welcome to Day 7 of our Arctic Expedition in Brasvellbreen. Beneath our boots, we tread on ice while breathing in the crisp Arctic air. As our expedition sailed through this Arctic region, the stunning expanse of the ice cap opened.

Each day has revealed its own set of challenges and splendid discoveries, and today marks to be no different. These encounters remind us that we are only guests in these wide, frozen, wild areas.

So, join us as we venture deeper into the heart of Brasvellbreen. Let’s unravel its mysteries while revealing the hidden wonders that lie beneath its icy surface.

Into the Heart of Brasvellbreen through Nordauslandet

As the sun’s gentle rays painted the Arctic sky, our seventh day opened. It promised encounters that would leave lasting memories on our Arctic expedition. Then, Mario’s familiar voice welcomed us to our new location, the south coast of Nordauslandet.

Covering an area of around 14,443 square kilometers, this vast island offers a pristine Arctic wilderness. Dramatic landscapes, wide ice caps, and glaciers like Brasvellbreen dominated the view.

The Austfonna ice cap, one of the world’s largest, covers a significant portion of the island. It creates a stunning contrast between the white ice and the deep blue of the surrounding waters. The complex network of fjords and inlets adds to the island’s visual allure.

And just like before, our Arctic Expedition to Brasvellbreen came bearing a gift – news of a polar bear sighting. The bear, a majestic figure, graced the scene, resting quietly on an ice floe. With the magnificent Brasvellbreen glacier as its backdrop, it was a picture-perfect moment we eagerly captured.

Remembering Arctic Expedition Icons

The Arctic, with its icy expanse and untamed beauty, has drawn explorers throughout history. Firstly, Roald Amundsen, a Norwegian explorer, was renowned for being the first to reach the South Pole. Indeed, his brave feats left a lasting mark on Arctic exploration.

Other explorers, like Roald Amundsen, adeptly journeyed to both the North and South Poles. He was one of the first ones to recognize the efficiency of dog sleds. Amundsen’s strategic use of these skilled canine allies was not just a means of travel. It also proved the deep bond between explorers and their four-legged trailblazers.

Then, Ralph Plaisted also made history with a different feat. He led the first confirmed expedition to reach the North Pole by an overland route. As we traverse the Arctic wilds, Plaisted’s success echoes. It reminded us of the challenges and triumphs that define polar expeditions.

The quest for the North Magnetic Pole adds another layer of interest to our Arctic journey. Explorers like Robert Peary and Lincoln Ellsworth also navigated through the Arctic Ocean’s icy expanse. Their travels, though, happened in the early 20th century.

While Peary and Frederick Cook claimed the discovery almost simultaneously, these mysteries continue to attract modern explorers. Their accomplishments, then, triggered historic voyages of pioneers like the USS Nautilus in the Arctic Ocean.

Basking in Brasvellbreen Glacier’s Beauty

After securing ourselves with breakfast, we ventured forth with the elements challenging our plans. The skilled navigation of our captain, then, granted us access to the fronts of the Brasvellbreen glacier.

As a tidewater glacier, Brasvellbreen meets the sea at its endpoint, where ice meets water. This dynamic interplay gives rise to calving, where icebergs break off the glacier and float into the surrounding fjord.


The areas surrounding Brasvellbreen are not only icy landscapes but also habitats for Arctic wildlife. Seals, polar bears, and seabirds are the species that call this region home. Truly, the glacier’s influence on the ecosystem extends beyond its reaches.

Its icy expanse, a flow of frozen wonder, mingled with the sea ice in a symphony of splashes. The thrum of waves against ice created a symphony that sang to our zodiac adventure. The lucky among us even spotted bearded seals and spy-hopping harp seals.

Returning to our vessel, the journey southward resumed. An afternoon of enrichment awaited, starting with Adrian’s insights into expedition photography. 

We learned about the art of seizing the Arctic’s divine beauty through lenses. We were eager to achieve, even if just a fraction of Adrian’s mastery.

Following this visual feast, Piotr told us, through time, the history of Arctic dogs and dogsledding. It was a practice steeped in tradition and endurance, a will for human resilience in this harsh terrain.

Unveiling the Arctic Mystique

Aboard our Arctic expedition to Brasvellbreen, our journey has taken us through the infamous Northwest Passage. It was a route sought after by explorers like Henry Hudson and sought in vain by others. The icy waters that once foiled dreams of a shorter passage to the East now welcome modern explorers.

Furthermore, the Arctic ice, once an impressive barrier, now becomes a stunning landscape to explore. So, as the day waned, the vessel clasped the narrow Helysundet channel. Carving through tides in a dance of strength and grace. Our eyes remained wary, seizing every passing bird and ripple of the water.

Tomorrow dawns, promising fresh adventures in the southeast region of Svalbard. Each day in this Arctic haven offered more memories, etching this journey into our souls.

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