‘You Make The Memories – We Make The Arrangements’

The best trip is a seamless one, where all pieces and all details flow together into one cohesive itinerary. For this reason, we prefer to book your travel experience from start to finish. If issues arise, we are better equipped to manage the specifics with as little disruption as possible. Every trip we plan is unique to the client and the destination which requires meticulous planning.

Our Services

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Air Travel Assistance

 If your itinerary includes air travel, we ensure you are getting the best possible pricing and scheduling for your personal travel needs.

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Quality Control

We ensure your vacation plans are accurate from start to finish including dates of travel, locations, name spellings, and other small details.

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Support & Connections

You will benefit from our experience and education as well as our supplier connections. These connections are valuable in locating favorable rates & benefits, and for resolving any issues that should arise.

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During & Post Travel Assistance

our support does not end when you depart for your trip but continues while you are away and after you return.

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Concierge Services

we can arrange dinner reservations, limo, or private car transportation arrangements, show ticket reservations, shore excursions, golf tee times, and special events.

Know Our Process

1. Schedule a Session

We believe it is very important to set aside a specific time to meet, whether that is on a virtual call, in person or simply by a phone conversation. Communication is key to building our relationship.

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2. Paperwork

Before the beginning, it is essential that we have a mutual understanding of the services that you expect and those that we will provide. We will also explain our fees.

3. Exploring

This is the Getting to Know YOU Phase where we will take your history, ask questions, and take notes. We want to know: What is your travel style? Where have you been and where do you dream of going?  And much more…

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4. Discovering

This is the Discovery Phase, where we will begin to explore your current travel needs. Are you celebrating a special occasion: honeymoon, birthday, anniversary, graduation? Who is going: family, friends, couples? Where would you like to go? How much time do you have? What is your fiscal allowance for this venture? Activities, excursions, dining…

5. Research

This is the Research Phase, where we will begin to evaluate the options. We will take into consideration everything we have discussed and construct an itinerary; then, we will create a proposal for your review. We will collaborate to scrutinize every detail until we formulate your perfect travel remedy.

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6. Action

We will now create the bookings, manage the reservations, prepare, and deliver the documents. You will want to experience your travel plans according to the itinerary, but feel free to make any desired adjustments as this is your dream and vision. If you have an issue, we will be on call to assist.

7. Feedback

Once you return, we can have a follow-up discussion so that you can share the results of your travel experience. The positives: most enriching/exciting experience, some of your favorite locations and activities and hopefully you’ll share some pictures. We would like to know what worked, what needed adaptation and what we could have done better. Your feedback of our services will be beneficial for your future travels.

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