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Join us on a captivating Arctic Expedition to Phippsoya to the North Pole. Get a closer look at this paradise nestled within the Svalbard islands.

Experience the wonders of this Arctic destination, its majestic wildlife, and the thrill of polar exploration. As you journey through this icy expanse, watch its extraordinary beauty unfold before you, offering an unparalleled adventure.

The Arctic Expedition Heads for Phippsoya

I remember lying on my bed after waking to my alarm. Still, my mind couldn’t help but think and reflect on the incredible day we had yesterday.

We marveled at the Monaco glacier and watched Arctic foxes and beluga whales in their natural habitat. I thought about our first polar bear sightings, then a picture-perfect bluebird day with the sun shining. Thinking about these, it all seemed like a tough act to follow.

The vessel, then, moved along until I sensed something different – the rumbling of ice hitting the hull. Curiosity got the better of me, so I looked outside to find a still, ice-flecked sea. It expanded until the granite of the Seven Islands enveloped it on our way to Phippsoya. 

The Ocean Explorer adeptly moved through the ice. The chill in the air only increased the excitement, knowing we were traversing new territory in the Arctic Circle.

More Arctic Surprises


We continued on the Arctic Expedition, encountering an ice bottleneck between two islands in Phippsoya. We tried to land, but the ice had other plans. The morning outing altered into zodiac excursions, offering us a wonderful experience as we zigzagged through the floes. 

The crystal-clear water reflected iridescent hues from the ice while flocks of eider ducks soared around us. A bearded seal appeared to our delight, affording us a memorable sighting.

Environmental Endeavors in Phippsoya

In the afternoon, we encountered walrus mothers and pups. We watched them as we made our way to the other side of Phippsoya for another landing.

Then, the expedition team and guests took it upon themselves to engage in a beach clean-up. Everyone was determined to make an impact on the environment.

This part of the Arctic expedition made us aware of our carbon footprint. We collected several large bags of plastics, fishing nets, buoys, and trash that had washed ashore, nestled among the driftwood.

Capping Off Day 4 of the Arctic Expedition

The Ocean Explorer made its way through the fog, breaking through the ice once more. Then, I realized how mistaken I had been earlier.

The last 24 hours, in fact, surpassed yesterday, and it did so in its unique way. It reminded me once more of the nature of Phippsoya and the rest of the Svalbard archipelago.

Today, we probed the wonders of this frozen outback at its magnificent icebergs and curious creatures. Phippsoya is where each day brings new and exciting experiences, making every moment unforgettable.

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