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Welcome back to another update from the heart of the Arctic! The excitement is palpable as we embark on day 6 of our epic 9-day Arctic expedition through Torellneset & Alkefjellet.

Thrill and curiosity merge as we lace up our snow boots and gear up for today’s journey. So, join us as we explore deeper into the mysteries of these places, revealing their raw beauty.

Arctic Expedition in Torellneset & Alkefjellet

As we cruised down Hinlopen Strait, the tranquil waters mirrored the charming scenery around us. Our morning landing at Torellneset unfolded on the port side beneath the majestic Vegafauna.

Torellneset, nestled within the Svalbard Archipelago, is a pristine Arctic gem. It beckons explorers with its pretty vistas and unique wildlife encounters.

Our expedition team, fueled by a passion for discovery, sailed the icy expanses of Torellneset. Here, we looked closer at the majesty of the polar bear against the backdrop of the vast sea ice.

Zodiac cruising along the fringes of pack ice has provided intimate glimpses into the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. It’s home to diverse marine life, from whales and seals to the iconic Brünnich’s Guillemots.

As the midnight sun graces the horizon, our journey extends beyond the amazing scenery. We also traveled to the heart of communities that have thrived in this extreme environment for centuries.

Torellneset is proof of the resilience of life in the Arctic. Its golden eagles soaring overhead and musk oxen grazing on the tundra prove this to be true.

Arctic Wonders and Wildlife Spectacles

This region, now freed from a thicker ice layer, showed the impact of land uplift. As we explored ashore, we marveled at the evidence of raised beaches. Some of which even bear the remains of whales washed up centuries ago, lifted by the extraordinary forces of the earth. 

Amidst this polar desert environment, the Arctic poppy adorned the landscape with its delicate blooms, resilient in its quest for survival. However, the show’s true stars were the ‘toothed walkers.’ About 70 thick-skinned blubbery pinnipeds were hauled out and milled close to the shore on a long gravel spit. 

These clam-eating giants are making a remarkable comeback after enduring years of hunting for their blubber. Historically, their thick hides served as tents in other Arctic regions, adding to their significance in Arctic history. 

With tusks protruding in all directions, their huddled closeness seemed less than comfortable. Meanwhile, an adorable blue morph Arctic fox ventured along the coastline. It searched for any delectable morsel the last high tide might have left behind. 

Panoramic views of the bay rewarded us as we ascended toward the cliffs. We also had occasional glimpses of a peaceful reindeer grazing in its natural habitat.

Among the botanical treasures was the rare sighting of the pale blue blooms of the Boreal Jacobs Ladder. Truly, it was a highlight for nature enthusiasts.

Alkefjellet – Cliffs of Avian Majesty


Our day in the Arctic dawned with promises of exploration and wonder. After a lovely morning on the tundra, we returned to our ship, eager for what lay ahead. The vessel smoothly adjusted to Alkefjellet, a name whispered with excitement among us. This was the moment we’d been waiting for.

Next, with Zodiacs ready, we moved towards the towering dolerite cliffs. These earth formations plunged sharply into the pristine waters of Hinlopen Strait.

The bird cliffs were far beyond the reach of pesky foxes, making them the ideal nesting sites for avian life.  Then, our binoculars and cameras soon focused on Glaucous gulls, kittiwakes, and black guillemots. Their presence added color to the already awesome landscape.

Still, the Brunnich’s guillemots, an amazing 60,000 nesting pair, stole the show. They flew in and out, engaged in lively quarrels over prime perches, and filled the air with their vibrant presence. 

As if that weren’t enough, our day held another Arctic treasure. An Arctic fox, cunning and quick, appeared this time near the northern end of our journey. The sloping terrain beneath the cliffs provided easy pickings for the fox. This clever thing secured a catch, perhaps a meal set aside for the harsh Arctic winter. 

Arctic Exploration Marvels, Histories, and Culinary Delights

Back on the ship, the region’s marvels continued to enrich our senses. We gazed upon a remarkable example of dolerite intruding between limestone layers in the northern mountains of Alkefjellet. Indeed, it was a testament to the Earth’s ancient forces. 

Our Arctic Expedition Leader, Mario, set the stage for yet another day of adventure on Svalbard’s most remote island. Meanwhile, our historian, Ben, wove the tales of the history of Torellneset & Alkefjellet into our present.

Then, he narrated the dramatic story of Andree’s ill-fated North Pole expedition. Meanwhile, the echoes of history rang in the Arctic air. 

But the surprises of the day were far from over. Our exceptional hotel team gave us a sumptuous BBQ on the top deck. It was a lovely surprise in true Arctic expedition style.

The chef had also specially prepared mushrooms and cauliflower steak ready for me. What a treat.

Reflecting on our Arctic Expedition in Torellneset & Alkefjellet

As the day ended, we retired to our cabins filled with dreams and excitement. Tomorrow promised an encounter with an ice wall, another chapter in our Arctic odyssey. These held the allure of even more wonders and lasting experiences. 

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