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Curtain Bluff, a Relais & Chateaux new member, is a beloved all-inclusive resort on Antigua’s Carlisle Bay. Recently, they announced the exciting news of their induction into the prestigious association of luxury hotels and resorts. This tie-up means a perfect union, securing Curtain Bluff’s pledge to deliver excellent service and experiences. Meanwhile, it grants them access to a global network of discerning travelers.

12 New Members Join Relais & Chateaux Family

Curtain Bluff is among Relais & Chateaux’s 12 new members for March 2024. This expansion reflects the network’s promise to hone a diverse collection of notable establishments.

The new members hail from various corners of the globe. This includes cozy nooks in South Africa, the United States, and a stunning game reserve.


  • Demi Restaurant, Minneapolis: This intimate counter-service restaurant in Minneapolis showcases the artistry of Chef Gavin Kaysen. With only 20 seats, Demi offers a multi-course tasting menu that changes by season. It also highlights the finest local ingredients with a global flair. So, expect an innovative and intimate dining experience.
  • Little Palm Island Resort & Spa, Little Torch Key, Florida: Escape to a world of peace and tailored service. Amidst the stunning scenery of the Florida Keys, this adults-only haven embraces a “no news, no shoes” philosophy. Thus, it allows guests to truly disconnect and reconnect with nature. Meanwhile, world-class spa treatments and gourmet dining complete this unique island escape.


  • Hotel Vermelho, Melides, Portugal: Hotel Vermelho offers a unique blend of rustic charm and modern luxury. This boutique hotel features beautifully restored traditional buildings with contemporary interiors, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Guests can also enjoy fresh seafood at the on-site restaurant. Then, relax by the pool overlooking the ocean or explore the charming village of Melides and the nearby beaches.
  • The Chelsea Townhouse, London, United Kingdom: This one combines modern elegance with a rich historical heritage. It features uniquely designed rooms and suites, many with private terraces with stunning city views. Guests can also enjoy afternoon tea in the Drawing Room or savor gourmet cuisine at the on-site restaurant. Otherwise, explore the world-famous museums and galleries nearby.
  • Hotel Balzac, Paris, France: Step into a world of literary inspiration at this luxurious boutique hotel. This unique hotel pays homage to Honoré de Balzac, with each room named after a character from his novels. Also, don’t miss Thiou, a Michelin-starred restaurant, when you’re in the area.
  • La Marine, Noirmoutier, France: La Marine (The Navy) offers a charming escape. This boutique hotel features a relaxed feel and stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. Guests can savor fresh, seasonal cuisine at the on-site restaurant, featuring local seafood and ingredients. Then, explore the island’s charming villages by bicycle, relax on pristine beaches, or hop on boat trips.
  • Hotel Cappella, Colfosco, Italy: This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s also a 5-star hotel boasting mountain views from its elegant rooms and suites, some with private balconies. Meanwhile, guests can indulge in world-class cuisine at the hotel’s restaurants or unwind in indoor and outdoor pools, saunas, and steam rooms. Hotel Cappella also gives a perfect base for exploring the Dolomites with hiking trails and skiing slopes.


  • Gmundner Lodge, Brack, Namibia: This one is a luxurious retreat amidst a charming desert backdrop. Each private villa boasts its own plunge pool and private deck, offering stunning views of the endless Namibian plains. Guests can also join wildlife safaris and explore ancient rock formations. Or, simply relax and soak in the calm of this remote wilderness.
  • Silvan Safari Lodge, Sabi Sand Private Game Reserve, South Africa: Silvan Safari Lodge offers an unmatched safari experience. Expert guides lead guests on thrilling game drives in open-air vehicles. Thus, it offers a chance to witness Africa’s iconic wildlife in its natural habitat. Moreover, luxurious stays with private balconies and infinity pools allow guests to unwind.


  • Lizard Island Resort, Cairns, Queensland: Lizard Island Resort embodies barefoot luxury on a secluded island paradise. Sitting on the edge of the Great Barrier Reef, this resort offers a unique access to this natural wonder. Also, guests can explore vibrant coral reefs teeming with marine life and relax on pristine white-sand beaches. Or, discover the island’s unique flora and fauna through guided nature walks.


  • Nanjing Tangshan Club, Jiangsu, China: Lose yourself in Chinese culture and natural beauty. The Nanjing Tangshan Club is an exclusive club resort that features classic architecture and exquisite gardens. Hence, it’s the perfect tranquil escape from the bustling city. Guests can also enjoy a variety of activities like Tai Chi in the serene gardens or joining cultural excursions.

Unveiling the Allure of Curtain Bluff Antigua

Curtain Bluff isn’t just a luxurious escape. It also honors the Caribbean spirit. So, imagine waking up to ocean views and indulging in world-class cuisine featuring fresh, local ingredients. Then, picture spending your days exploring the clear waters or unwinding on pristine white sand beaches.

Indeed, Curtain Bluff caters to every whim, offering guests a smooth all-inclusive experience. Thus, it allows guests to truly bask in the island’s beauty and charm.

Prime Beachfront Location on Carlisle Bay

Curtain Bluff boasts a coveted beachfront setting on Antigua’s famed Carlisle Bay. This horseshoe-shaped bay is famous for its calm, turquoise waters and soft white sand. Thus, it’s perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and indulging in a variety of water sports.

Also, step directly from the resort’s lush grounds onto the beach and spend your days soaking up the Caribbean sunshine. Otherwise, explore the undersea world with top-notch snorkeling and diving sessions just offshore.

Extensive Amenities and Personalized Service

This award-winning resort caters to every whim, ensuring guests have a truly memorable stay. Relax by the expansive swimming pool, complete with poolside cabanas and waiter service. For a touch of pampering, visit the resort spa, offering a haven of peace with open-air treatment areas. It’s where you can unwind with relaxing massages and beauty treatments amidst the serene Caribbean surroundings.

Also, a hardworking team of staff is always on hand to ensure your satisfaction. They can also arrange activities and excursions, as well as give custom recommendations. They will ensure a smooth, all-inclusive experience for you.

Luxurious Stays with Caribbean Flair

Choose from a variety of elegant guest rooms and suites. Every option comes with Caribbean flair and offers a comfy haven for rest. Also, many rooms boast private balconies or terraces, perfect for enjoying morning coffee with stunning views. They’re also ideal for unwinding with an evening cocktail as you take in the vibrant Caribbean sunsets.

Moreover, upgraded stays offer more luxuries. This is because some suites feature private swimming pools for the ultimate in secluded indulgence.

World-Class Culinary Scene with Local Inspiration

Curtain Bluff delights with a world-class food scene that caters to every palate. Savor gourmet meals crafted with fresh, local products at their signature gourmet restaurants. Talented chefs transform the bounty of the Caribbean into hearty dishes, showcasing the island’s unique flavors. For a more casual dining experience, enjoy poolside fare or beachfront barbecues, offering chill vibes and breathtaking views.

Water Sports and Activities for Every Interest

From the blue waters just steps away to the lush grounds of the resort, there’s something for everyone at Curtain Bluff. Water sports buffs will delight in the range of activities offered, including kayaking, paddle boarding, and snorkeling.

They also give instructions and equipment for those who want to try windsurfing or Hobie cat sailing. For those seeking land-based activities, tennis courts, fitness classes, and nature walks are also available. The resort’s dedicated team can also arrange land tours and cultural excursions. This lets guests explore the island’s rich history and vibrant local culture during their stay.

The Relais & Chateaux Distinction

Relais & Chateaux (also spelled Relais châteaux) is a highly selective association. It comprises individually owned and operated luxury hotels and resorts. They also pride in their pledge to the “art de vivre” (art of living). This philosophy highlights unique experiences, top-notch service, and a deep respect for the locals.

The Criteria for Membership

Membership is a coveted honor, with properties undergoing a rigorous selection process. Only those meeting strict criteria, including world-class hospitality and high-quality rooms and suites (typically exceeding 4-star standards). Also, a commitment to showcasing the essence of their region is a huge factor.

  • Embodying the “5 Cs”: Imagine flawless service with warmth and graciousness (Courtesy). They must also exude a unique sense of place and character (Charm) and honor culture and heritage (Character). They should also offer a sense of peace (Calm) to match their top-notch dining experiences with local flavors and customs (Cuisine).
  • High Standards: While a 4-star rating is a starting point, Relais & Chateaux properties often exceed these criteria. So, expect elegant suites with careful attention to detail, from plush furnishings to top-of-the-line amenities. The on-site restaurants are of equally high caliber, featuring high-quality ingredients and modern cooking techniques.
  • Boutique Size: Unlike large hotel chains, Relais & Chateaux properties are typically intimate affairs. Hence, most of them boast under 100 rooms. So, imagine a dedicated concierge who can help you craft the perfect travel plan. Or, chefs who customize your dining experience based on dietary restrictions and personal taste.
  • Proven Track Record and Financial Stability: Properties need to have been operational for at least a year. Also, it must be under the same ownership or management. This shows a pledge to give excellent service over time. Financial stability is also a key factor, ensuring the property can maintain the high standards expected by Relais & Chateaux.
  • Exclusive Marketing: Relais & Châteaux properties cannot be members of other marketing organizations seen as competitors. This ensures guests receive a truly unique and curated experience that reflects the Relais & Châteaux prestige.

The Membership Advantages

For both guests and resorts, Relais & Chateaux membership offers distinct benefits. Thus, guests can expect a consistent level of excellence. Meanwhile, resorts gain access to a global network of luxury travelers.

Guest Benefits

  • Consistent Level of Excellence: Guests can expect the same level of luxury, spotless service, and unmatched experiences. This is true across all members of Relais & Chateaux like Curtain Bluff. Thus, it’s a mark of trust, ensuring a certain standard of quality wherever you travel.
  • Unique and Local Experiences: Relais & Chateaux members honor their local communities. Thus, guests gain access to unique experiences and activities that showcase the essence of the region. You can see this in the hearty meals with local ingredients and cultural trips with expert local guides.
  • A Global Network of Hidden Gems: In over 60 countries, Relais & Chateaux offers a curated selection of luxury stays. This lets you find amazing spots, both famous and off-the-beaten-path.

Resort Advantages

  • Enhanced Reputation: Being part of Relais & Chateaux elevates a resort’s prestige. It also positions the resort among a select group of top-tier hospitality experiences. This can attract a discerning clientele seeking unparalleled luxury and unique experiences.
  • Networking Opportunities: Resorts gain access to a network of other luxury properties. Thus, it fosters collaboration and knowledge sharing, allowing them to stay at the forefront of the hospitality industry.
  • Global Recognition: The Relais & Chateaux brand draws international travelers seeking unique experiences. This can lead to increased occupancy rates and a more diverse clientele.

A Proud member of Relais & Chateaux: Curtain Bluff Antigua

As Curtain Bluff joins Relais & Chateaux, you can expect an even better resort experience. Imagine indulging in gourmet meals with local ingredients while sipping on exquisite wines from a world-class cellar. Then, follow with a refreshing treatment at the resort spa. This is just a taste of the unmatched experiences that await at Curtain Bluff Antigua.

So, book your dream escape to the Caribbean islands today and bask in the luxury and tailored service that makes Curtain Bluff. Contact ILX Travel, your gateway to luxury experiences.

FAQs on Curtain Bluff and Relais & Chateaux

Is Curtain Bluff Antigua family-friendly?

Certainly! Curtain Bluff Antigua caters to families with a wide range of activities and amenities designed for all ages. From supervised children’s programs to dedicated pools and watersports options, your whole family will find something to enjoy.

What are some of the water sports offered at Curtain Bluff Antigua?

Curtain Bluff offers a range of water sports to keep you active during your stay. You can explore the crystal-clear Caribbean waters on kayaks or paddleboards. Also, you can go on snorkeling adventures to discover the vibrant undersea world. If you prefer wind-powered activities, they provide instruction and equipment for windsurfing and Hobie cat sailing as well.

Does Curtain Bluff Antigua have a spa?

Yes, leisure awaits at Curtain Bluff’s luxurious spa. This haven of tranquility features open-air treatment areas. It’s where you can unwind with relaxing massages and beauty treatments amidst the serene Caribbean surroundings. Still, expect even better service as Curtain Bluff joins Relais & Chateaux!

What are some restaurants at Curtain Bluff Antigua?

Here are some dining options at Curtain Bluff Antigua.

  • The Sea Grape: Beachfront bliss with casual lunches and weekly barbecues. Evenings offer an exciting fusion of Italian and Antiguan flavors, all under the Caribbean sky.
  • The Tamarind Restaurant: Experience romantic elegance under a majestic tamarind tree. Savor gourmet creations crafted with fresh, local ingredients by talented chefs.
  • The Wine Cellar: Embark on a global vino adventure. This world-class cellar boasts over 25,000 bottles, with expert sommeliers guiding you to the perfect pairing for any meal.

What’s included in the all-inclusive package?

The all-inclusive package at Curtain Bluff guarantees that your stay is worry-free. It typically covers the following:

  • meals (including breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
  • drinks (including alcoholic beverages by the glass)
  • most water sports activities (like kayaking, snorkeling, and sailing)
  • gratuities for staff
  • access to amenities like the pool and fitness center

Check with a trusted travel agent for the latest inclusions and any likely changes in their all-inclusive offering.

How do I book a stay at Curtain Bluff Antigua?

Contact an ILX Travel advisor today to start planning your dream Caribbean getaway. Our travel specialists have the knowledge and expertise to craft the perfect trip. Thus, it ensures that your stay at Curtain Bluff Antigua is truly memorable.

Contact us at 1-321-985-5178 or complete this form to discuss your vacation plans.