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Time for Udaipur! 

Day 3 Experiencing India. As we arrived at Church Gate Station, the bustling crowd struck us. Evoking memories of the vibrant atmosphere we had witnessed at the Gateway to India. It seemed like a close tie in terms of the number of people bustling about, creating an energetic and vibrant ambiance.

After a refreshing morning and a delicious breakfast, our group eagerly made our way to Church Gate Station. Keen to experience the vibrant energy of one of Mumbai’s busiest and most bustling locations.

It is the central train station, and it is in the center of the city. Also, the main reason for visiting the train station was to see the Dabbawalas in action. Dabbawala’s, some people say, are what makes Mumbai run.  

Demystifying the Dabbawala System

A “Dabba” is a meal time that these people deliver food. They say the Dabbawala carries over 130,000 lunches in dabbas each day. They also deliver every day of the week except Sunday.

Big-shot schools like Harvard have dug deep into studying their delivery system from every angle imaginable. But how they manage to pull off such mind-blowing precision in their operations is still a total mystery.

Experts have scratched their heads trying to unravel the secrets behind their flawless execution, but it’s like chasing a unicorn. Their level of thoroughness and attention to detail is off the charts. It’s simply mind-blowing! It’s like they have a secret recipe for success that they guard with their lives.

While we may never fully grasp the wizardry behind their extraordinary precision, one thing is for sure. Their ability to deliver with such perfection is nothing short of extraordinary.

Not all the deliverers are literate, so to ensure efficient delivery, they use codes and signals. They’ve got these colored Dabbas with codes that show where they’re going and who is the recipient. They are the food delivery service with the least number of mistakes globally.

The Dabbawalas show only around 300 mistakes throughout their 80 million deliveries in a year. Crazy! After all, we loved getting to see behind the scenes of this spectacular tradition.  

The Journey to the Hotel | Day 3 Experiencing India

After marveling at the incredible Dabbawala, we made our way to the airport to catch our flight to Udaipur. This is where our Day 3 adventure awaited us. Excitement filled the air as we prepared for the next chapter of our trip. Of course, we are eager to immerse ourselves in the beauty and charm of Udaipur.

I have to admit, the traffic to the airport was terrible. As we left Mumbai, Chris and I found ourselves entranced by the captivating chaos unfolding outside the window. Our eyes remained glued to the beautiful sights that unfolded before us, immersing ourselves in the vibrant energy of the surroundings.

There were even cows around us on the way, and some even crossed the road. From here we’ve learned from the tour guide that cows here in India are actually sacred!

The security at the airport was cumbersome. Even more, they made us take out every electronic battery we had and all their cables. And it took us two hours we arrived early to clear all the checkpoints.  

Our 5-Star Greeting

We had an excellent flight to Udaipur, India, and, from there, head on to The Oberoi Udaivilas Udaipur. We drove up, and it was unreal, like a computer screen background. Indeed, this 5-star hotel was stunning and decorated with the most beautiful Indian colors.

The staff, dressed in royal orange uniforms, greeted us with dancers, smiles, and camels! They gave whoever wanted the opportunity of riding the Camels a chance to ride them around the courtyard.  

Chris and I were content just watching the celebration. Finally, after this 30-minute VIP entrance greeting, we headed inside.

As we entered the building, there was a downpour of bright red rose petals from above. The staff next floor showered us with beautiful flowers, evoking a magical feeling akin to a fairytale. Without a doubt, it was an unparalleled romantic experience beyond compare.  

They had champagne and snacks waiting for us in the central courtyard overlooking the water. In addition, we all drank, laughed, and soaked in the beauty of our beautiful home for the next few nights. Then, after some good chats, Chris and I headed to our room to prepare for dinner.

Me enjoying dancing with the staff.
The Crew Arrival!

Dinner on Day 3 Experiencing India

As we go down into the exquisite private dining hall, the mesmerizing dark blue dome ceiling immediately captivated our eyes. Its piercing hue seemed to captivate our gaze, making it difficult to look away. Also, Adding to the enchantment were the elegant glass chandeliers suspended gracefully throughout the space, casting a soft glow over the surroundings.

We indulged in a delightful Indian feast, savoring every flavorful bite, while sharing laughter and stories with our fellow group members. As Day 3 of Experiencing India drew to a close, a sense of bliss filled Chris and me. Moreover, We eagerly expect the upcoming stages of this adventure that awaited us, fueling our excitement. The thrill of the journey propelled us forward, fueling our excitement for what awaited us in the days to come.

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