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The Palace 

How is it already Day 4 in Experiencing India? Time Flies! We had various choices for breakfast, from Western Cereals to Indian delicacies. All the Americans in our group loved the eggs and bacon because eating it made them feel right at home!

After stuffing our stomachs with some of our favorites from the menu, the group headed to the city palace.

The guide told us all about the history of the palace. He told us that this palace is Udaipur’s most popular sightseeing place. It is on Lake Pichola and is almost 400 years old.

The structure comprises stunning domes, arches, and towers. Several rulers in the Mewar dynasty were said to be the ones who built this unique landmark.

Many palaces here have black marks on the side of them, and the guide explained that they were from the monsoons. Each year, the wind and rain take a toll on them, leaving the task of repainting too burdensome to undertake annually.

Udaipur earns its reputation as the City of Seven Lakes. There are seven artificial lakes, and in the middle of them, the Indians would build a palace. The king would then come to live in that palace during the summer because being on the water would be cooler.

Currently, only the prince and some of his family live in a portion of this palace. The rest consists of hotels that they manage themselves. The maintenance of the grounds was surprisingly impressive. You could tell they were on top of keeping the whole place in order and in good shape.  

The Crystal Gallery, located inside the palace, is like a time capsule bursting with fascinating history. Once upon a time, a king had specially ordered crystals from England for his beloved wife. They did a nice job! They not only created the crystals flawlessly but also took great care in transporting them all the way to Udaipur.

However, tragedy struck with the untimely demise of the king, leading his family to view the crystals as an ill omen. Consequently, they remained untouched and unopened for nearly a century.

Eventually, the existence of these precious crystals became widely known, prompting the decision to put them on display. Although we couldn’t take photographs, we were filled with awe at the sight of the mesmerizing crystal plates, glasses, silverware, and other magnificent items. Their beauty captivated us and left a lasting impression, evoking a sense of wonder and admiration.

Their beauty captivated our senses, leaving a lasting impression of their exquisite craftsmanship and timeless elegance. Transported back in time, the dazzling display within the Crystal Gallery offered a glimpse into the opulence of a bygone era.

It was a mesmerizing experience that left us in awe of the rich history and splendor that adorned the gallery’s walls. It was a remarkable experience to witness the legacy of these exquisite crystals. And also appreciate the intricate craftsmanship that went into their creation.

Crystal Gallery.
The Beautiful Water

Cooking Demonstration with the Beauties | Day 4 Experiencing India

Chris and I got to ride a tuk-tuk to our next destination. It was a wild ride. Neither Chris nor I knew exactly where we were going. Which was equally exciting and nerve-racking, winding in and out of tiny streets.

Then it was time for a cooking demonstration at the Bedla, put on by a woman and her daughter-in-law. They prepared seven different courses for us all. Chris and I took great pleasure in observing the preparation of some of the food in a traditional Indian style.

I cook so much back home. Furthermore, I was paying close attention so I could try some of these new techniques when we got back home.

One technique that I truly loved was adding salt or lemon to the Okra dish after cooking to get rid of its sliminess. Which then fixes the problem. The demonstrators marinated the goat overnight, smoked it, and then cooked it to perfection.

As Vegans, we did not try the meat. But, we had the chance to taste the sauce, which filled our mouths packed with spices and full of flavor. Chris and I enjoyed their version of cabbage and peas as well. The hot chutney was also the perfect additive to most dishes to add that nice kick!  

The beautiful cooking instructors.
The spices.
Our food for the day.

Bazaar Shopping Bliss on Day 4 Experiencing India

After enjoying a magnificent lunch, we had high tea. Then some of the ladies and I went out to the bazaars to shop some more. While Chris went back to the room and slept. Furthermore, after a good nap and some nice shopping finds, we had the opportunity to tour the hotel.

We saw the rooms, suites, and lobbies. Additionally, the kind-hearted ladies working at the hotel graciously allowed us to capture photographs with them. Adorned in their elegant Saris, creating beautiful memories to cherish. Moreover, this property was straight out of a magazine, from the infinity pools to the finely detailed rooms.  

We had dinner on the big outside porch area right by the lake. There were no mosquitos, to our surprise. We were expecting many of them because the monsoon season had just ended. The hotel said all their locations fog the yards to ensure the mosquitos stay away.

We finished the delicious meal prepared for us and then called it a night for our Day 4 Experiencing India.

Tomorrow will be our next day’s trip to Jaipur was an exciting chapter in our journey. Guided by experienced tour guides, and supported by my co-travel agents.

We will embark on a seamless adventure from start to finish. The drive to Jaipur with a picturesque route. This will allow us to admire the scenic landscapes and immerse ourselves in exploring the Pink City. Keep on reading to learn more about the colorful culture of India!

The pool at our hotel.

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