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Nestled close to the historic charm of Plaka, NEW Hotel Athens transcends the expected five-star experience. Rather than sterile grandeur, it offers a vibrant canvas of contemporary art, curated comfort, and tailored service.

So, step through the doors and marvel at a design-forward haven. It’s where every corner is a feast for the senses, bursting with bold colors, and locally sourced materials.

Then, enjoy culinary delights at the acclaimed NEW Taste restaurant. Unwind in the rooftop bar with stunning views of the Acropolis, or relax in your stylish haven. At the NEW Hotel, every detail promises a memorable stay.

Artfully Appointed Accommodations

NEW Hotel is a member of Design Hotels GmbH. That said, Fernando and Umberto Campana’s design team lends each room a distinct character.

My stays in both the studio and superior room revealed careful attention to detail. You can see from the plush robes to the natural bath amenities. You’ll find it in the whimsical living art installations disguised as chairs and lamps.

Thus, forget the impersonal sterility of traditional hotels. At the NEW Hotel, your room is a personal sanctuary, reflecting both artistic expression and attention to comfort. Beyond the haven of your room, the communal spaces at NEW Hotel continue the artistic journey.

While a usual lobby may be absent, the common areas pulsate with character. The NEW Taste restaurant’s cozy corner ensconces guests in plush sofas. Meanwhile, the 7th-floor Art Lounge doubles as a bibliophile’s haven. On top of it all, there’s an al fresco sanctuary boasting dreamy cityscapes.

Gastronomic Delights

Art doesn’t merely adorn the walls at NEW Hotel; it infuses the essence of your dining experience. Step into the Art Lounge, a vibrant canvas where culinary creativity dances with Greek tradition.

Standout dishes like the lentil salad, bursting with color and freshness, transport you to a sun-drenched Aegean island. Indulge in the grilled octopus, perfectly paired with creamy Santorini fava, celebrating local ingredients and flavors. Then, savor the melt-in-your-mouth ribeye special, a testament to the hotel’s commitment to culinary excellence.

To heighten the artistic journey, explore the thoughtfully curated wine list. It features a symphony of local varietals that perfectly complement each dish. At the NEW Hotel, dining is an immersive experience where art and taste buds unite perfectly.

Service with a Human Touch

From the moment you step through the doors of NEW Hotel, genuine warmth radiates from the staff. The friendly bellman isn’t just there to assist with your luggage. He’s also happy to offer insider tips and guide you to your desired places.

Even the personalized wake-up call feels more like a gentle nudge from a friend than a jarring alarm. This genuine desire to create unique experiences permeates every interaction. The staff at NEW Hotel aren’t merely efficient but invested in your well-being.

Moreover, their attentiveness extends beyond fulfilling requests. They anticipate your needs and go the extra mile to ensure your comfort and satisfaction. Whether it’s helping you navigate the vibrant Athenian streets or simply remembering your preferred coffee order. The staff strives to create a home away from home, leaving you feeling valued and cared for.

Beyond the Walls of NEW Hotel, Athens

NEW Hotel serves as your gateway to Athens’ rich tapestry. Step outside its doors and find yourself mere steps away from the iconic Acropolis.

Next, wander through the charming labyrinthine alleys of Plaka, a neighborhood brimming with traditional tavernas and vibrant shops. Explore the bustling Syntagma Square, the city’s beating heart, or scale the slopes of Lycabettus Hill for panoramic views.

Finally, lose yourself in museums, cultural experiences, and hidden gems. NEW Hotel’s convenient location puts the very soul of Athens at your fingertips. Whether you seek historical exploration, artistic discovery, or vibrant city life. Athens awaits to unveil its magic, making your stay at NEW Hotel a lasting adventure.

The Verdict on NEW Hotel

NEW Hotel redefines the Athenian luxury experience, weaving together artistic immersion, culinary creativity, and heartfelt service. It’s not your typical, staid, five-star establishment. Instead, the NEW Hotel pulsates with the energy of contemporary art. Thus, it offers guests a curated haven celebrating Greek heritage with playful sophistication.

So, if you’re seeking a vibrant refuge where luxury meets artistic expression, look no further. Indeed, NEW Hotel Athens is an inspired choice for discerning travelers.

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