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How many times have you found yourself saying, Gosh, I really wish I could get away from it all…? Well, booking a river cruise in Europe is one of the best ways to leave behind your hectic everyday life and be transported to the world of relaxation and calm you’ve been dreaming about. Whether you want to see some of the greatest cities in the world like Paris or Amsterdam, or if you want to stay put on board and just enjoy being on the water as your ship cruises along its course, river cruising has something incredible to offer you.

This month we’ve decided to spotlight a cruise from each of our top 4 European River Cruise lines

Top 4 European River Cruises. Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Top 4 European Cruise Lines: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Come back each week as we count down to our number one recommended cruise line.

4. Avalon Waterways

Avalon Waterways ship on to Danube River.
Top 4 European Cruise Lines: Avalon Waterways ship on the Danube River

Last week we highlighted a dreamy Danube river cruise from our #4 European Cruise line, Avalon Waterways. Read all about ithere.

3. AMA Waterways

AMA Waterways Logo.
Top 4 European Cruise Lines: AMA Waterways logo

“On our river cruises, you will enjoy an extensive lineup of included tours. In many cases, you will have a choice of excursions, such as standard tours, bike tours, hikes, and Special Interest Tours*. Besides, we always include a large variety of activities so that you can choose how you want to explore. After all, no matter your preference, your days will be full of discovery and wonder.”

Top 4 European River Cruises. Heidelberg, Germany.
Top 4 European Cruise Lines: Heidelberg, Germany

AMA Waterwaysoffers a variety of river cruises that will take you from Amsterdam to Budapest. These cruises come with plenty of entertainment options and on-board activities—you’ll never be bored, even when you’re at sea. Even more, the company is well-known for its five-star service; if you enjoy being pampered, thenAMA Waterwaysis an excellent choice. Additionally, there are multiple dining options (including dinner in your stateroom), and most meals include alcohol in their price. Furthermore, AMA boats are pretty small, so you won’t have trouble meeting new people on board…but if you want a little privacy or some time to yourself, it should be easy enough to find space. If anything about these river cruises sounds appealing to you—and if Europe is high on your bucket list—without a doubt, we highly recommend giving them a try!

Top 4 European River Cruises.

This week we’ve chosen to highlight AMA Waterways’ Enchanting Rhine cruise.

7 Night Enchanting Rhine for the Top 4 European River Cruise – AMA Waterways

Cruise from Basel to Amsterdam: France, Germany, Netherlands, and Switzerland

Top 4 European River Cruises. 7-night Basel to Amsterdam Map.
Top 4 European Cruise Lines: map of the 7-night cruise from Basel to Amsterdam

“Grand cities blend in perfect harmony with their historic past and their progressive future. Furthermore, inspirational towns have given way to great stories, poetry, and music. Like Heidelberg, where Mark Twain wrote A Tramp Abroad. Moreover, timeless traditions remain intact—from the making of Kölsch, Cologne’s legendary brew, to the making of Rüdesheimer coffee. Embark on an enchanting journey that takes you along the Rhine, allowing you to witness its designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. After all, with 40 castles strung like pearls on its river banks, and magnificent cities and charming villages alike, this experience promises to be truly unforgettable.”

Top 4 European Cruise Lines. AMA Waterways ship AMACerto.
Top 4 European Cruise Lines: AMA Waterways ship AMACerto

If you choose, you can add an additional two nights each in Zurich and Lucerne, Switzerland pre-cruise.

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