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From the Baltic Sea to the Danube, there are over 30,000 miles of rivers in Europe. Consequently, that’s plenty of opportunities to take a relaxing cruise from city to city, taking in the beautiful sights along the way. Besides, enjoying great food and accommodations at night adds to the overall experience. Moreover, this month we’ve decided to spotlight a cruise from each of our top 4 European River Cruises lines.


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4. Avalon Waterways


As far as top river cruises in Europe go, Avalon Waterways is a great option. In addition to the small ship sizes—which sail on rivers like France’s Loire, Germany’s Rhine, and Austria’s Danube—offer a low-key, relaxing experience without being too small to have any amenities. Furthermore, there are also many trips that span several weeks (or months). Additionally, you can really make an adventure out of it and see a variety of different places along your route.

Top 4 European Cruise Lines: Avalon Waterways ship on the Danube River

This week we’ve chosen to spotlight one of Avalon’s Danube River cruises.

8-Day European River Cruises from Budapest to Vienna

A Taste of the Danube with 2 Nights in Budapest & 2 Nights in Vienna (Westbound)

Top 4 European River Cruise: map of the 8-day cruise from Budapest to Vienna

“From the enchanting Gypsy violins of Budapest to the romantic sounds of Vienna, the “City of Music,” embark on this European river cruise that highlights the natural beauty of Austria’s Wachau Valley and the captivating capital cities of Hungary, Slovakia, and Austria. Before setting sail, spend two nights in Budapest, where guided sightseeing showcases the city’s vibrant highlights. Additionally, you’ll have ample time to independently explore Budapest and capture memorable moments from Fishermen’s Bastion, stroll across Chain Bridge, or indulge in a delightful cream cake at the renowned Gerbeaud Café.”

Top 4 European River Cruises: Avalon Waterways ship Envision

If this or any other Avalon Waterways cruise sounds like an experience you don’t want to miss, contact us today to start planning!

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