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Have you ever dreamt of sailing the Greek islands? Imagine gentle breezes carrying you past ancient ruins and charming villages. All while indulging in the unmatched luxury and tailored service of SeaDream Yacht Club. Unlike the usual cruises, yachting the Greek Isles with SeaDream offers a unique way to explore this charming region.

So, enjoy the beauty of the Aegean, Ionian, and Saronic Gulf islands. Then, savor delicious Greek cuisine and create memories that will last a lifetime. Finally, discover the unique character of each island, from the nightlife of Mykonos to the cliffs of Santorini.

The SeaDream Itinerary

Unwind and let SeaDream Yacht Club guide you through the clear waters of Greece. Explore a travel plan that shows the best of the Greek Isles.

DatePorts of Call ArriveDepart
Jun 29, 2025Athens (Piraeus), Greece2 PM – 4 PM
Jun 30, 2025Skopelos Island,
MorningLate Evening
Jul 01, 2025Volos,
Jul 01, 2025Andros Island,
Jul 03, 2025Delos, Cyclades,
Jul 03, 2025Mykonos,
Jul 04, 202Mykonos,
Jul 05, 2025Patmos,
5Jul 06, 2025Athens (Piraeus),
Morning8 AM – 10 AM
This timetable whisks you away on a journey through the Greek Isles, with stops at iconic places.

The Ports of Call

Brace yourself for a range of scenic spots in the Greek island group. Now, discover the unique charm and rich history of each port of call on a SeaDream voyage.

  • Athens (Piraeus): Your embarkation point, Athens is a vibrant city steeped in history. Explore the Acropolis and wander through Plaka’s charming streets. Meanwhile, savor tasty Greek cuisine.
  • Mykonos: Bask in the upscale vibes of Mykonos. Also, explore the whitewashed houses, trendy shops, and vibrant nightlife.
  • Delos: This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s a sacred island with ancient ruins dating back to the 3rd millennium BC.
  • Santorini: Marvel at the dramatic volcanic cliffs and iconic blue-domed buildings of Santorini. Then, explore charming villages like Oia and Fira, and enjoy stunning sunsets.
  • Crete: The largest Greek island, Crete boasts a rich history, Minoan ruins like Knossos, and stunning beaches.
  • Rhodes: Marvel at the medieval town of Rhodes. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a well-preserved old town as well as stunning beaches.

The Destinations

Beyond sailing in Greece, explore ancient ruins, feast on local cuisine, or simply soak up the local vibes.

  • Athens (Piraeus), Greece: Your SeaDream journey begins (and ends) in the bustling port city of Piraeus. While in port, consider a shore excursion to explore the iconic Acropolis. Then, wander the Plaka neighborhood or step back in time at the National Archaeological Museum.
  • Skopelos Island, Greece: Skopelos is a verdant island in the Sporades island group. It boasts stunning beaches, villages, and lush forests. So, hike to the scenic clifftop church of Agios Ioannis. Then, explore the harbor town of Skopelos or take on a kayaking quest to secret coves.
  • Volos, Greece: Sitting on the mainland, Volos offers a unique blend of history and beauty. Explore the Neolithic settlement of Sesklo or visit the Athanasakios Koutoulas Folklore Museum. Also, you can take a day trip to the Meteora monasteries atop unique rock formations.
  • Andros Island, Greece: This is the largest island in the Cyclades. Andros is famous for its coastlines, traditional villages, and fertile valleys. So, hike to the scenic village of Apiranthos and explore the ruins of ancient towers. Or, visit the impressive Chora, the island’s main town.
  • Delos, Cyclades, Greece: The locals consider this place a sacred island in ancient Greece. Also, Delos is a UNESCO World Heritage Site boasting a wealth of ancient treasures. So, explore the ruins of the Temple of Apollo and wander through the ancient marketplace. You can also drop by the Delos Archaeological Museum and learn its history.
  • Mykonos, Greece: The bustling island of Mykonos is famous for its vibrant nightlife, pristine beaches, and luxurious feel. So, explore the iconic whitewashed houses and windmills of Chora and relax on the golden sands of Paradise Beach.
Seadream at sea
Seadream at sea

FAQs | Yachting the Greek Isles with SeaDream

When is the best time for yachting the Greek Isles?

The Greek Isles offer a pleasant climate most of the year. The high season (July and August) boasts sunshine and warm waters, but can also be crowded. The shoulder seasons (April-May and September-October) offer comfortable temperatures, fewer crowds, and beautiful wildflowers in spring.

What is included in a SeaDream Yacht Club cruise?

Most SeaDream Yacht Club sailing trips are all-inclusive. This includes gourmet meals, premium drinks, onboard fun, perks, and an array of shore excursions. This lets you relax and focus on enjoying your Greek island sailing experience.

How big are SeaDream Yacht Club ships?

Unlike massive cruise ships, SeaDream Yacht Club vessels are intimate by design, carrying a maximum of around 500 guests. This ensures a more tailored experience. So, expect wide public areas, and access to smaller ports with hidden coves.

What is the dress code on a SeaDream Yacht Club cruise?

SeaDream maintains a casual yet elegant atmosphere. Pack comfortable clothes for exploring ashore, including swimwear and comfortable walking shoes. Resort casual attire is perfect for evenings, with cocktail attire optional for special events.

Can I customize my shore excursions?

SeaDream offers a range of custom shore excursions that showcase the best of each region. It also boasts the added benefit of local knowledge from expert guides. However, you can also tailor your trip by pre-booking private tours or exploring on your own. The crew can also offer advice and assist you in planning your ideal island-hopping travel plan.

Escape the ordinary and set sail on an unforgettable sailing holiday in Greece. Enjoy yachting the Greek Isles with SeaDream Yacht Club. Book your dream voyage today with ILX Travel. Also, follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest travel ideas!

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