Yoga Retreat in Iloilo: Bugnayan Point | Day 2 of 3

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Clear skies greeted the second day of our Yoga Retreat in Iloilo at Bugnayan Point Marine Sanctuary. Fresh from yesterday’s session, we got up when the sun was just above the horizon for some asanas and Tai Chi. Then, a quick lecture on the benefits and applications of these mindful practices followed. Afterward, we gathered once again to share a healthy breakfast of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Yoga Retreat Iloilo Day 2: Beachfront asanas at Bugnayan Point.
Beachfront asanas at Bugnayan Point.

Yoga Retreat Day 2: April 27, Friday | Bugnayan Point Marine Sanctuary

Finally, we got ready for the most thrilling part of the retreat – snorkeling and fun diving. Lucky for me, my first time took place at one of the popular dive sites in Iloilo, Philippines.

Snorkeling and Diving Basics

It only looked easy from afar but was absolutely different when you’re doing it yourself and for the first time. Also, there’s a lot that I had to learn from putting on fins to walking in the water with them on, and many more.

I also learned that when it comes to diving, there are two types of persons – the floater and the sinker. Our diving coach from Turtols Freediving Buddies confirmed that I’m a floater. Meaning, I could stay long on the surface effortlessly.

However, duck diving presented a formidable obstacle during my initial attempts to plunge headfirst into the depths. My body’s natural buoyancy repeatedly propelled me back to the surface. Only through persistent effort could I achieve the necessary submersion.

It was a monumental experience – definitely one for the books. What made it even more memorable was the surreal view of the ocean floor. It was life-changing seeing coral reefs and fishes that I would’ve otherwise seen only on YouTube.

Gazing upon the vibrant marine life transformed my understanding of ocean conservation. Now, it’s no longer just a cause but a personal responsibility.

Lunch and Wellness Lecture

Three blissful hours melted away underwater as we reveled in the wonders of the dive. Then, a warm, hearty lunch greeted us back at camp. A delicious spread of adobo with plant-based meat and breaded vegetables awaited.

The afternoon ushered in a thought-provoking lecture on wellness. We covered topics like mindful practices, natural remedies, and the importance of diet. After the session, a lively discussion erupted as Teacher Dennis fielded our most pressing questions. Then, we explored potential future events, including the possibility of scuba diving adventures and collaborations.

Wrapping Up Day 2 of yoga retreat in Iloilo at Bugnayan Point Marine Sanctuary

As the sunset painted the horizon, we transitioned into restorative yoga and Tai Chi sessions. It was the perfect way to unwind, stretch, and release any lingering tension from our diving adventures. Afterward, I opted for a light dinner, savoring a comforting bowl of sópas. I couldn’t help but look forward to Day 3.

The night brought a welcome change – a gentle patter of rain. I wondered if the rain reached Iloilo City as well, carrying the same sense of tranquility.

The rhythmic symphony of raindrops on the roof and waves crashing against the shore lulled me into a blissful slumber. That combined with muscles pleasantly aching from the day’s diving adventures had unlocked the secret to a dreamless sleep.

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